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check out a feature on us on Sustainable salons blog:

Our philosophy of living and working green grows from the business we run, the building in which we reside and the products that we use.

The premise we have chosen for our studio is made from 80% recycled materials and is architecturally inspiring.  Creating a welcoming space to spend a few hours having your hair styled.

Our uniqueness is that we have sourced a product line using only glass bottling and aluminum packaging for it organic & biodynamic ingredients.  Whilst there is no compromise for quality, we feel better inside and out, for supporting such an ethically produced line.   Head to Owayaustralia for more information.

We are affiliated with a company called Sustainable Salons. This company takes recycling to the next level.  They collect and recycle 95% of our salon waste.  To name just a few of the amazing things that they then do with our waste,  all collected hair clippings that are not long enough to be used for wigs is made onto a hair boom.  Hair is fed into a nylon stocking and this is stored for future emergencies of an oil spill. the company funds a university student who is taking the research to new levels with her findings of the ways that this boom can be used.  oil can then be extracted from the boom, sold back to the oil companies and the boom can then be composted.   head to their website for more info on this amazing story.