After years of planning, we found the perfect building in the heart of East Fremantle.  George & Ivy opened its doors in January 2018.

After months of research, we settled on using Organic Way and it’s something that we are so proud to be associated with. We were also recently voted Oway’s top salon WORLDWIDE. We love this product, and know that you will too.  The botanicals are grown on a biodynamic farm in Bologna, Italy, all machinery on the farm is solar powered, and seeds are hand sown and picked. The botanicals are distilled and packaged with only glass and aluminium packaging, heavily reducing single-use plastic waste. ​ - find out more.

Style & sustainability are at the core of everything we do.  We take an innovative approach to challenges, be they stylistic or environmental.  We believe in acknowledging the past through our design and heritage, and investing in our planet by being as sustainable and as organic as we can.  George and Ivy was awarded best eco salon 2019 by the AHIA.

To us, style should always be timeless, it should be personal, and it IS individual.

The names George & Ivy comes from our grandparents, George & Ivy is a reflection of our collective ethos.  We are Paul & Catriona, owner/operators, working amongst a passionate and experienced team of individuals....

...Come and find us.